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Salad Days

  Somewhere that we don’t know Sun is Shining on our body Now We’Re Looking for the Glow Up Sunshine Blue Sky I feel up Enjoy together, we salad days Salad 100k won no dollars in my pocket We eat breakfast right away Salad Puy it in My Locket We still Salad Days BOYCOLD(보이콜드) - Salad Days (Feat. sokodomo, pH-1, BE'O) ================== Boat by  Serenity Style - Pacific Floating Cabin Dock by  Serenity Style - Port Royal Dock

To Our Island

  Hey, rather than the hot summer sun  I like your sunset smile  Like shaking a cocktail  I want to mix it up with you on the sofa Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy shimmy ya, hey! I wanna drive your smooth, yeah Love handles  I'll make that go bang, bang bang I'm an arc above the horizon, just for you If you're by my side, that place is treasure island I'll save you from the prison of gray buildings Just rest on the sand under the blue sky WINNER - ISLAND =================== Eyes by Ikon - Chimaera - Ghost  Rings by Rozoregalia - Soniano @ Uber   Earrings by Rozoregalia - Hariti (Kirameka)  Hair by Elikatira - Joanie 

Watch Out

  Don't blame, if you want, I will make it. You know words like that in maze Is it what you waiting for? , The knife I took out cave in, boy  I don't get you and here comes tonight  Unravel who's in the game? (Nuke) It burns more, inside of me, Flame (Flame) Unravel, who's in the game? (Prid) Buckle up, Get rid of the gravity No mercy here, emergency  Like 'em all, turn it all over Zero, one, in the gap, dancing in the dark. We gon gon forever win, I'll give you the perfect answer We gon gon remember, Protect our imperfections Watch out, You'd better watch out This is, this is how we play  C'mon, this is how we fail  No excuses, get away  You're making me nuts, congratulations Regretting or losing is losing the power, Look at me, to you, I'll give an hour Come in, come in, I already realized, Dumb it, dumb it down to beat you Make a move, Push harder for the eleven, at once, I gotcha, baby One more, just one more (Closer) One more, just one more