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  Hear me! You who in life piled up sin upon sin will be trapped in Hell forever. Suffer! Suffer! This vortex of torment will whirl for all eternity. 悪鬼(Akki) - Jigoku ========================= -Mask by  Wicca's Originals  - Chief Set @ The Warehouse Sale -Outfit by Aurica - Donna Bodysuit and Socks (with Reyna Pasties from Aurica too)  -Hair by VCO - Arina Hair -Neck tattoo by This Is Wrong - Clarisse tattoo -Blood tattoo by This Is Wrong - Silenthill Body and Hear Tattoo -Bloody Halo by Moon Amore - Liquid Soul/Fluids Halo - Wine -Pose and prop by PiXit - Lilith -Skin by Nar Mattaru - Kimiko Skin with Lilly Lel Evox Head -Shape by Arana - Eve Shape with Reborn Body -Lipstick by Suicidal Unborn - No One's Baby Set  -Eyeshadows by Top1Salon - Glam Eyeshadows Brights -Eyeshadows by Emotional Circus - Lacrimosa Eyeshadow -Backdrop by Paleto - JP02


  I woke up by a phone call Neon lights Lose your mind and drive down the street We’re hangin’ at the parking lots But things that you said it’s running in my head Drink all day! Stay away! So let's burn this out the frustrated I bleed out while I’m singing Throw out the things what you’ve given me Tonight I’ll drink all of you with jägerbomb! All the things that you said are surrounding me This time I throw them away All the things that you said are surrounding me Forget yourself Dance with me Listen up! All of my friends and enemies No one can put back the clock so make my day I wanna see you fucking move We wanna trip into night without single care. We're gonna party for the rest of our lives. I'm counting the empty glasses. More shots! more sound! How about another one? We're hanging out on the floor. I drink up again and it's running in my head. Drink all day! stay away! So let's burn this out the frustrated. I bleed out while I'm singing. Throw out the