Hear me! You who in life piled up sin upon sin will be trapped in Hell forever. Suffer! Suffer! This vortex of torment will whirl for all eternity.

悪鬼(Akki) - Jigoku


-Mask by Wicca's Originals - Chief Set @The Warehouse Sale

-Outfit by Aurica - Donna Bodysuit and Socks (with Reyna Pasties from Aurica too) 

-Hair by VCO - Arina Hair

-Neck tattoo by This Is Wrong - Clarisse tattoo

-Blood tattoo by This Is Wrong - Silenthill Body and Hear Tattoo

-Bloody Halo by Moon Amore - Liquid Soul/Fluids Halo - Wine

-Pose and prop by PiXit - Lilith

-Skin by Nar Mattaru - Kimiko Skin with Lilly Lel Evox Head

-Shape by Arana - Eve Shape with Reborn Body

-Lipstick by Suicidal Unborn - No One's Baby Set 

-Eyeshadows by Top1Salon - Glam Eyeshadows Brights

-Eyeshadows by Emotional Circus - Lacrimosa Eyeshadow

-Backdrop by Paleto - JP02

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