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Riot, Riot Upstart!

  Say you got two friends so tight with them See them all running They all want revenge See them on the street See them all around Upset the system Gonna burn it down RIOT! RIOT! RIOT! RIOT! Take a swing, fight back Chances that you take Knock down, drag out Stories all the same. Street fight tonight What you gonna do? Someone's always running up behind you... See them on the run with bullets in their head See them all fighting They all want revenge You want a riot - You want a fight - New York City is ours tonight You better get ready - no time to mess around You better get ready - cause there's no backing down Agnostic Front - Riot Riot Upstairs =============================== Hair by  Dura  - U121 Make Ups by  TOKI  - Busted Lip & Fight Club (lel Evo X BOM) Tattoo by  DAPPA  - Nazar Tattoo Weapon by  Graal Store  - Makeshift Electric Axe V2.0. Horns by  Nosferatum  - Jaculus Spiked Horns Earrings by  [CX]  Bali Piercings Mix & Match (Group Gift) Coat by  Gabriel  - P

Brutal Planet

  We're spinning round on this ball of hate There's no parole, there's no great escape We're sentenced here until the end of days And then my brother there's a price to pay We're only human, we were born to die Without the benefit of reason why We live for pleasure to be satisfied And now it's over there's no place to hide Why don't you, come down to It's such a brutal planet It's such an ugly world Why won't you, come down to "This world is such perfection" (What a sight) "It's just like paradise" (For my eyes) "A truly grand creation" (What a sight) "From up here it looks so nice" (For my eyes) It's such a brutal planet It's such a living hell It was a holy garden That's right where Adam fell It's where the bite was taken It's where we chose to sin It's where we first were naked This is where our death begins Alice Cooper - Brutal Planet    =============================

Dance With Your Demons, Witch!

  You just like the game You like to win the game You know you can't stop You won't stop You play again Play Rockstar Blasting fireballs You love the fame, love the hate Love the pain raw You just like the game You just like to play You just like the game You just like to play To play with fire and pain I get high To dance with your demons Dance with your demons, witch! You can never leave You never want to leave You know you can't stop You won't stop Until you feel Feel like someone Uninvisible You love the light, love the night Love the pain raw I make you feel Hey what do you know, baby? Faderhead - Dance with your Demons ===================== MakeUp by  Zibska  - Anemone Makeup @ We <3 Role-play Hair by  Dura  - B128 @ ALPHA Necklace by  |CX|  Necronomic Mother Piercings by  |CX|  Bali Piercings (Group Gift) Coat by  Hotdog  - Feathered coat 

Crank It Up

  A broken piece to a puzzle can never be filled in the space that is forgotten The ends are jagged and the lines are too rigid to fit This leaves the full picture lackluster and empty to the hand that places the piece So the puzzle is thrown away No longer good to the creator But the piece is far from forgotten The picture that could have been, is sealed to the mind of the beholder And the creation that was never finished leaves a bitter taste in the mouth Little did the hand that places know that the piece Believed to be rotten Was but the final remnant to the image that was never wanted But always needed This is the dead These are the Kings Welcome You are the only one who sees What's behind my eyes Everything comes but never leaves My mind X-RX - Crank It Up ============================== Mask by Zibska - Dagrun Deux Masks @ We <3 Role-play MakeUp by Zibska - Anemone Makeup @ We <3 Role-play Hair by Dura - B128 @ ALPHA Necklace by |CX| Necronomic Mother Coat by Hotdog