Crank It Up


A broken piece to a puzzle can never be filled in the space that is forgotten

The ends are jagged and the lines are too rigid to fit

This leaves the full picture lackluster and empty to the hand that places the piece

So the puzzle is thrown away

No longer good to the creator

But the piece is far from forgotten

The picture that could have been, is sealed to the mind of the beholder

And the creation that was never finished leaves a bitter taste in the mouth

Little did the hand that places know that the piece

Believed to be rotten

Was but the final remnant to the image that was never wanted

But always needed

This is the dead

These are the Kings


You are the only one who sees

What's behind my eyes

Everything comes but never leaves

My mind


Mask by Zibska - Dagrun Deux Masks @We <3 Role-play
MakeUp by Zibska - Anemone Makeup @We <3 Role-play
Hair by Dura - B128 @ALPHA
Necklace by |CX| Necronomic Mother
Coat by Hotdog - Feathered coat 

*There will be one more photo showing the makeup well 

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