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Blinding Hope

  Your strained heart is so ominous...  The distorted whirling negative dawn Good devours evil   Words are not enough I won’t wake up from this dream with you for eternity Please just keep on showing me the light that can’t be extinguished   This darkness blinds out our eyes Crying out for a change We take all this hope and fight Come back to the light   To you Can you still hear it? The blurry voice of mine saying I'll never let you go The blackness that enveloped you and won’t come off Still staining you all the way down to your loneliness This is the end of the world   Blinding Hope The light that can’t be extinguished   Filling our dream with dazzling hope Just the two of us right at the end of the world   So come Right now with those eyes What are you staring at? THE GAZETTE - BLINDING HOPE *Skip to 1:45 if you don't feel like watching the whole silent intro =============================== Sweater by  [Gild] Worn-out sweater_black for female @ The Warehouse Sale Event Glo

The Hunt ==Old Work==

  We went into town on the Tuesday night Searching all the places that you hang about We're looking for you In the back street cellar dive drinking clubs In the discotheques and the gaming pubs We're looking for you You will pay the price for my own sweet brother And what he has become And a hundred other boys and girls And all that you have done We picked up the trail at the Seven Crowns One of your cronies - he was doing your rounds We followed him Just a silhouette figure up Market Pass Where the headlamps shine on the broken glass We followed him Over the bridge by the old canal Where the shadows dance on the lighted wall He stopped to light up a cigarette And we dived into a doorway No police, no summons, no courts of law No proper procedure, no rules of war  No mitigating circumstance No lawyer's fee, no second chance There are lasses getting trouble on their own home beat There are old folk battered in the open street In this city of ours There are eyes that see but

Autonomous Combat System =Old Work=

  People are always fearful of something they don’t understand.  The next step in evolution is a machine;  a machine that can think and feel.  Surviving is all that will matter.” Refuse to give me a life extension Sever mortality from existence Disconnect the chains of fate Disrupt and disobey What you thought was your human redemption Waking up to engines of destruction Disconnect and circuit break Impulse to eliminate I am a weapon of human design Resist the system condemning your life I am a weapon of human design Nothing is sacred to stay alive I am a weapon of human design Fear Factory - Autonomous Combat System ========================= Backdrop by Minimal - After the storm skybox Pose by Poseidon Poses  Outfit by Forge - Ocullas  Hair by Tableau Vivant

Open my eyes, wake up in flames =Old Work=

  Perfect little dream the kind that hurts the most forgot how it feels well almost no one to blame always the same open my eyes wake up in flames it took you to make me realize it took you to make me realize it took you to make me realize it took you to make me see the light smashed up my sanity smashed up my integrity smashed up what i believed in smashed up what's left of me smashed up my everything smashed up all that was true gonna smash myself to pieces i don't know what else to do covered in hope and vaseline still cannot fix this broken machine watching the hole it used to be mine just watching it burn in my steady systematic decline of the trust i will betray give it to me i throw it away after everything i've done i hate myself for what i've become i tried i gave up throw it away Nine Inch Nails: Gave Up Old Work

I Wanted You To Notice

  I spent the warped spring covered in wounds Without anaesthetics, I walked In the deepest parts of my body, a voice reverberates "You're not living enough", it says strongly   I can still feel the taste of the gum I finished chewing After losing everything one by one, finally something stayed in my heart that still refuses to cool down   If this is not love, what should we call it? I didn't know Call out a flower's name, just one Until your voice becomes hoarse The tips of our noses touch, I forget to breathe The pain doesn't have to disappear   What are you trying to say with those tired eyes? Hiding my scars, I walked And yet, I scattered the shadows around I wanted you to notice   Can I still walk? I can feel the taste of thoroughly chewed sand As I walk on the grass wet with evening dew my restless heart inquires It's still too soon for this to end, right?   Smiling without making anybody sad I wasn't good at it I would have been fine with being


 I drew my wish in despair. a thought that is written down by a personally I cried a lot and thought about death. happiness, ideals, innocence, affection Enjoy your life. the spirit of a word born as many as one lamented I've had enough of self-loathing. Accept reality and live in the present. rare-death brain contamination Where is my true self? The blooming flowers were crushed to pieces. Applause, Destruction Suicide A gift to those who pray for suicide. "Prove your existence," "Cut your own way of life," "Living is a painful pleasure." It is not for whom it will change. It's justice that changes for yourself. That the world is not the enemy. I will prove it to you. Cry...  I'll accept all your hurtful dark past. This is where the future I paint that day lies. Do you want to die? I want to live. That's the answer I found. never let go of one's extended hand again So let go of the present and say resuscitation. "resuscitation&quo