Autonomous Combat System =Old Work=


People are always fearful of something they don’t understand. 

The next step in evolution is a machine; 

a machine that can think and feel. 

Surviving is all that will matter.”

Refuse to give me a life extension

Sever mortality from existence

Disconnect the chains of fate

Disrupt and disobey

What you thought was your human redemption

Waking up to engines of destruction

Disconnect and circuit break

Impulse to eliminate

I am a weapon of human design

Resist the system condemning your life

I am a weapon of human design

Nothing is sacred to stay alive

I am a weapon of human design

Fear Factory - Autonomous Combat System


Backdrop by Minimal - After the storm skybox

Pose by Poseidon Poses 

Outfit by Forge - Ocullas 

Hair by Tableau Vivant

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