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Gimme Danger

  No fear, so what It's my calling for the fire Gimme danger with a yawn my turn I'm looking forward to it, soldiers Gimme danger I don't even have time to think about it My wriggling instinct is make a riot All I want is feed the danger Gimme danger We kill idiots We're hungry, gimme danger When Poly goes to bed leather gloves to wear with thirsty eyes mixed with wine and tears to carry something on one's back-carry anything on one's back No backing I beg for small fish I'll take it away choose Decide the future here and now You want to be a soldier No fucking poser You gotta follow me, you gotta place your bets Bring the mayhem! You are caught in the supercell Now we break all these walls Are you ready? we're losing control Let the chaos reign What about the kid who made a lot of noise on the street corner now? On the stage with head-scattering liquor and guests I polished myself in an empty dark alley low Your noise, my voice fire and oil You know wha