Blinding Hope


Your strained heart is so ominous... 

The distorted whirling negative dawn

Good devours evil


Words are not enough

I won’t wake up from this dream with you for eternity

Please just keep on showing me the light that can’t be extinguished


This darkness blinds out our eyes

Crying out for a change

We take all this hope and fight

Come back to the light


To you

Can you still hear it?

The blurry voice of mine saying I'll never let you go

The blackness that enveloped you and won’t come off

Still staining you all the way down to your loneliness

This is the end of the world


Blinding Hope

The light that can’t be extinguished


Filling our dream with dazzling hope

Just the two of us right at the end of the world


So come

Right now with those eyes

What are you staring at?


*Skip to 1:45 if you don't feel like watching the whole silent intro


Sweater by [Gild] Worn-out sweater_black for female @The Warehouse Sale Event

Gloves by [Gild] diagonallic glove_Female_Black @The Warehouse Sale Event

Hair by Dura-B126-FA @ACCESS

Eyes Zibska [L'Homme Gift] Evo X ~ Argus 

Lipstick by Zibska Lilit Lips

Weapon by [CX] Reforged Reaper

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