Riot, Riot Upstart!


Say you got two friends so tight with them

See them all running

They all want revenge

See them on the street

See them all around

Upset the system

Gonna burn it down


Take a swing, fight back

Chances that you take

Knock down, drag out

Stories all the same.

Street fight tonight

What you gonna do?

Someone's always running up behind you...

See them on the run with bullets in their head

See them all fighting

They all want revenge

You want a riot -

You want a fight - New York City is ours tonight

You better get ready - no time to mess around

You better get ready - cause there's no backing down

Agnostic Front - Riot Riot Upstairs


Hair by Dura - U121

Make Ups by TOKI - Busted Lip & Fight Club (lel Evo X BOM)

Tattoo by DAPPA - Nazar Tattoo

Weapon by Graal Store - Makeshift Electric Axe V2.0.

Horns by Nosferatum - Jaculus Spiked Horns

Earrings by [CX] Bali Piercings Mix & Match (Group Gift)

Coat by Gabriel - Padding jacket

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