If you don't know, now you know

Okay? deal!

A mysterious gaze, sensual eyes 

Oh yeah (I like that)

Betting on everything, you stole my heart 

What you want? (Secret)

Don't you really wanna feel alive?

Flip that until morning

Unfamiliar play with fire

I want something deeper you na-mean hah?

There is a strong attraction

I still don't know if you are Bluffing

But I have a different feeling

Hidden in the dark My heart is beating now

So sweet, I fall into your smile

I'm obsessed with your tricks

Even if I try to push you away

Even if I try to forget you

This trembling heart callin' you now

Zero zero lucky bang

My suit is black, my suit is fresh

Opеn my pack, let me show you how I bang

If you did All in, you win the gamе

As soon as you work, the sales are already in a race

What you do (what you do), they don't know what you do

I hold you in my hand, my poker face

MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 - Gambler


- Eyes by IKON - Ascension Redux - Elysian (New Release and a new group gift in mainstore)

- Headpiece by Rozoregalia - Rajeras Set 

- Top by KiB Designs - Hana Summer Top @Sense Event

- Hair by Olive - The Sad Boy @Saturday Sale 75L

- Backdrop by Paleto - Red T5

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