It'll Always Be =Old Work=


Nobody was able to hide their sadness well

behind a smile

I would have been fine with

being able to protect one, just one thing

A completely foolish wish won't disappear

A soul that nobody could snatch away


What should I compare us to?

The similar scars in our heels

If we weave a break in the weather, this continues

Let's go, before the flowers bloom


If this is not love, what should we call it?

I didn't know

Call out a flower's name, scared as you are

Say I'm the only one for you

The tips of our noses touch, I forget to breathe

The pain doesn't have to disappear


A completely foolish wish won't disappear

It'll always be

Kenshi Yonezu - Uma to Shika


- Gag by Rozoregalia - Viscum 

- Tiara and Veil by  Rozoregalia - Viscum 

- Hair by Wasabi - Emani  

- Eyes by IKON - Apex Eyes - Clarity

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