It's Calling ...


To you who have a habit of domination. 

I give myself to, and I throw all. 

I give my neck to you familiarly. 


I’m tied in a tangle. 

I know it’s so dangerous. 

A beautiful thorn, I get hurt from that....

It’s calling 

Attraction that is digging me 


I’m stuck at you that I can’t escape. 


Tangled feet may get lost...


Even I run, I’m dumped, and I get hurt. 

The more I struggle, the more I sink into. 

In the deepening jungle. 

I wander around endlessly. 



The touch which was sweet for a moment. 

That’s the trap which I’m trapped. 

If you’re the sun in the tropics. 

Burn me out....

You dominated me from head to toe easily. 

You’re a predator who will swallow love, chaos, and anger....

Lay back slowly. 

Play my heart. 

Control a tempo, an attitude of a savage beast. 

I always lose. 

You’re always at the top of the food chain. 

I beg you, out of my way. 

No, I’ll just kneel down....


I’m domesticated with no wild nature. 


I’ll be happy even I can’t get out....


With your gesture, your eyes, and your hands. 

You make me give in easily. 

In the deepening jungle. 

I wander around endlessly. 



CIX (씨아이엑스) - 정글 (Jungle)


- Necklace by Rozoregalia - Maracia Choker 

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