Lass es Raus! =Old Work=


Your steps are quite fine

Let us dance the reunion

Our gaze is so fierce

Everyone dances to my will

Weak legs can only fail

Armor legs shall prevail

Let us revel in this energy

This power will last for eternity


Computer, Machine, Armor Men

Go straight ahead

Let it out!


We fight for the victory parade

Armor men never fray enough

Wars were meant to be danced

Our freedom is within our grasp


Computer, Machine, Armor Man

Go straight ahead

Let it out!

And One - Panzermensch


- Backpack by LANEVO - Maneater Machine 

- Outfit by The Forge - Abyss Set 

- Mask by The Forge -  Axiom Mask 

- Hair by SHI - Bedlam Hair

- Backdrop by AMBICE - Odyssey Backdrop

*More pics with same set soon (and close up)

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