Party Up! Funk Jungle!! =Old Work=


I don't have an address here.Nobody Knows

Welcome to the Jungle Desire Disturbing Floor

Let's forget everything and play.

Funky Junky Crazy Party Unstoppable

I won't let you get in my way in the New World.

You're playing with the fire.

Party Shorty Say Money with Gathering Friends

If you want to copy me, stop.

This Raw Life is too much.

Funk Jungle! Funk Jungle!

Night!! Ya!! Evil!! Ah!!

Party Up!

Funk Jungle! Funk Jungle!

Don't play!

Funk Jungle! Funk Jungle!

Don't make a fuss!

Funk Jungle! Funk Jungle!

Our Kingdom!

Night!! Ya!! Evil!! Ah!!

Today's party that no one can interrupt

Anarchy, Sway, CrazyBoy - Funk Jungle


- Jacket by LANEVO - Liberation 

-Cap &Hair by VRSION - SLS29 

-Bat by Azaran - Weapon

-Backdrop by Paparazzi - Cyber Tunnel

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