To The First =Old Work=


They laughed that day, saying it was just a dream

But I'm running to surpass that dream

The sound of the wind, the beat of the clouds

Beyond the skies, I'll see you there

You think I'm unconventional and crazy? That's fine

I'm the new standard from the start

Call the man in charge

I can't see any color in those words

I'm tired of hearing them

Nowhere to stay, nowhere to go

I'll then make it by myself, anything is possible

You can't judge me by your standards

Now I'm going, what do you wanna do?

It's not too late

Never too late to start

I'm not gonna run away

It's not too late

Never too late to fly

Please don't waste my time

Go higher if you're flying

Much higher so that the others will never catch you up

I'm ready to go, I'm gonna defeat it

With you

I know this is the only way

Let that flame burn

I know this is the only way

Move on even if you're scared

I know this is the only way

SKY-HI / To The First


- Headpiece by Rozoregalia - Hariti Maria Tiara and veil 

- Earrings by Rozoregalia - Hariti Earrings 

- Hair by BHD - Mabel Hair 

- Dress by Narcisse - Zoe Lace Dress

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