Wake up your clear thoughts

It's already new in your head (Oh, woah)

Yes, I'm here

Over the lens in a mystical world

See all the shiny things

Capture and bring up the sense

The old voice is still

Blah, blah, blah, blah

Burning star (I'm burning)

Following the light (I'm burning out)

Never let my guard down

Wake my senses up

I can find another me

Inside of me again, maybe

Down low-oh, oh-oh

Down low-oh, oh-oh

Twilight, oh, bright

We're in the city

I can feel it, touch

Just before we collide

You'll see amazing something soon

Light up the hot light

I'm watching you

GHOST9 (고스트나인) - X-Ray


- Hair by DP Yum Yum -No.L19 

- Eyes by IKON - Legend Eyes 

- Earrings by Rozoregalia - Kagerou 

- Necklace by Rozoregalia  - Hayuruze

- Flower Accesory by KatatOnik - Rose Shawl 

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