Until The Last Day =Old Work=


In the end, if you wonder who to believe in

It seems you’ve already lost your way

Only those who rely on no one and only believe in their own power

Are the ones that advance to the next round

 Shedding tears

That’s right, it’s not the time for that

 Ah, soar with your torn wings expanded

Everybody shares the same fate because life will someday disappear*

Ah, burn out until the moment you fall

Be a soldier that doesn’t have refuge

Until the last day

If you hold out your wounded hands

Your heart will continue beating

Until the last day

GACKT - Until The Last Day


- Necklaces by Rozoregalia - Lezato Necklace (Epicurean) @ACCESS

- Coat by Hotdog - Feathered coat @TMD

- Hair by Monso- Rhapsody

- Backdrop by AMBICE - Kiyoshi Underground Backdrop

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