Run Away


Run Away

It feels like everybody's happy but me

It hurts more when I smile than when I cry

Though I try to hold it back every day

Though I try to hang in there

But it's not working so well, I need your hand now

In moments like those, when tears fill your eyes

Hold my hand tight, should we run away?

We gotta be together

To get to the hidden 9 ¾

Bibbidi bobbidi, the train is departing 

Bibbidi bobbidi, our magic island

When we go past this tunnel 

When we open our eyes

Our dreams become reality

Please be my eternity, please call my name

Run away, run away, run away with me

At the world's end, forever together

Run away, baby, give me an answer, please

TXT - Run Away

Pile Up of cheesy crisp... Original Here

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