Till I Die


Till I Die

D.O.D. till I die as I reach for the sky

I see the people divide

Wall of death on the rise

Everyone on the left

Everyone on the right

At the drop of the drum like

Three, Two, One, Strike!

Body Parts hit the ceiling pipes

Bloody marks and zombie bites

The duo roars when on these mics

Lion jaws with the pride (behind us)

Hate us, like us, can't define us

Labels scared to sign us

Cause they know we don't make no fake old carbon copy type stuff

Right off the motherfucking spike bat, I slice heads

Necks, legs and biceps, who's next? Yes! I like that

This is break your face rap, no need for no face app

To those at home don't try this

It's D.O.D. till I die bitch

D.O.D. till I die

Throw yo hands in the sky

D.O.D. till I die

Throw yo hands in the sky


Clothes by TECHNOFOLK_Psychotherapy Corset & Panties
Bracelet by TECHNOFOLK_AutoGenerated_Belt Arm (GIFT)

Hair by [Yomi] Aika Hair

Prosthetic Arms by -egotomb- Prosthetic Sword

Body blood by THIS IS WRONG Last of us shine+tattoo 3D - blood
Eyes make Up by THIS IS WRONG Breakdown makeup

Tattoo by DAPPA - Vilkas Tattoo

 Skin by [Utopia] Umi 

Backdrop by TROPIX // Public Bathroom 

Corpses by [MF] Tortured crucified dead bloody body corpse & corpse kneeled

Pose by Poseidon Shield Maiden

*The eye makeup is retouched with photoshop
*The prosthetic weapons do not show blood, it is painted in photoshop

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