Cold Seed


What heals our snow-blind weary eyes

When all stars are slain by fiery skies

And every word upon your spiraling cross

Is but a misled sun, a bitter loss

Inject us out of here

All I asked for was a little love

But from my hands flew the maiden dove

While clouds like cotton snow-white sheep

Still calm beside their shepherd sleep

Inject us out of here

Tiamat - Cold Seed 


- Hair by MINA - Juul 

- Shape by Arana - Luna Shape (wearing Lel EvoX Ceylon) 

- Eyeshadows by Just Magnetized - Vanilla Eyeshadows

- Lipstick by Top1Salon - Madonna Pearls

- Tattoo by Dappa - Sproud

- Skin by Nar Mattaru - Freyja Skin

- Dress by Belle Epoque - Tatiana @Collabor88

- Boots by -KC- Marian Boots

- Gloves by Nera - Electra Gloves

- Crown by ROZOREGALIA - Zoion Berrycrown

- Halo by Madame Noir - New York Halo 

- Backdrop by Tropix - The Haunted Aisle

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