We are degeneration

This is the end of civilization

You talk, cops are gonna get ya

You run, cops are gonna get ya

You hide, cops are gonna get ya

You'll never grow up 'cause they'll never let ya

We build, and you're gonna break it

We give, and you're gonna take it

We learn, and you're gonna fake it

Gonna get drunk 'cause I know you're gonna hate it

This situations gotta blow

This generations gotta go

It's a time to celebrate

With all the people that we hate

We're on the road to nowhere you know

Anti-Nowhere League - Degeneration


- Outfit by Wicca's Originals - Elvira Corset & Skirt @Uber

- Necklaces by Rozoregalia - Uzyum Choker (A.B.C) @Uber

- Tattoo by Dappa - Daruka Tattoo

- Tattoo by Dappa - Eve Tattoo

- Shape by Arana - Shangdi Shape (wearing Legacy Body and Lel Evox Ceylon head)

- Skin by Utopia - Umi

- Eyebrows by Toki - Astrid Eyebrows

- Smokey Eyes and Eyeliner by Arana (Comes with Shangdi Shape)

- Eyes Stars by Pout! - Stellar Celleste

- Pose and props by Pixit - Punk Much?

- Backdrop by Paleto - Sub-A5

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